The registration for KCSE and KCPE candidates for the year 2012 is Ongoing. This is purely an online process (no paperwork involved).


To recover your PASSWORD please send a Text Message (SMS) to 6062 with the format KCSE#centrecode e.g KCSE#12345678. The center code must bear the 8 digits.
This seems to work faster on Airtel Kenya. This service is charged Kshs. 10.

To get assistance with registration, please send email to info@gskool.com with the subject: KCSE Registration. You may also find more details on the E-Vision Microsystems Website HERE.

Here is a summary of the guide from the KNEC website.

Registration process has four simple steps;
1. Step 1: Visit the KNEC website.
2. Step 2: Download the candidates’ registration application 
3. Step 3: Fill the candidates details to create the registration file 
4. Step 4: Login into the KNEC website and:
Upload the registration file 
Enter new candidate (fully online)
Edit existing candidates
Edit school details
Generate and print nominal roll
Generate and print school invoice
NB: This application is only available up to last day of the Registration period 

You may Download this Application and the User manual from the KNEC Website here.

Accessing the System

1. You will need to have your user name and password. The username is the school code. Kindly note that the code is now an 8-digit number. The county code has been appended to the earlier 6-digit school code.
To obtain the school password, send an SMS message of your full school code e.g. KCSE#01101101 to 5052, you will then receive an 8-digit number which you shall use as the password to log in.
2. Enter your user name and password
3. Click Log In 
4. Upon successful login, you will be required to change your password as a security measure ensuring that only authorized persons can access your registration details. The form below will appear that will allow you to change your password.

NB: Appears only if accessing the system for the first time.
Changing Password
1. Type in your default password in the input labeled Current Password.
2. Enter the new password (Can be any combination of letters or numbers) in the input labeled New Password.
3. Confirm the new password (Please don’t copy-paste), by re-typing the password in the input labeled Confirm Password.
4. Click Change Password  to effect the changes
5. You will get a successful confirmation as show by screen below  
6. Click Continue  to proceed to the upload – registration of candidates.


For the candidates who will be required to upload photos, i.e. K.C.S.E and non formal, the following guidelines were suggested.
1. It must be a passport photograph, should be colored and must be taken using a digital camera.
2. The photo should be taken on a cream or light grey background(the backgrounds should be plain not flowered)
3. Photo size should be 45mm high x 35mm wide 
4. Free from shadows.
5. The photo should be taken with eyes open and clearly visible (no sunglasses or spectacles)
6. The candidate should be facing forward, looking straight at the camera.
7. The Candidate should be having  a neutral  expression with the mouth closed (no grinning, frowning or raised eyebrows)
8. Each candidate should be on his/her own, no group photos or objects like dummies or toys or even other people being visible on the photos.
9. The photo should be in sharp focus and clear with a strong definition between the face and background.
10. The photo must contain the full face, neck and shoulders of the candidate in frontal view
11. The photo should be recent (not more than six months old)
12. The photos MUST be saved with the full index of the candidate and in JPG format i.e. the 11digits e.g. 01101001001.jpeg. NO PHOTO SHOULD BE SAVED WITH THE NAMES OF THE CANDIDATES.
13. All photos should be taken in school uniform
14. In addition to uploading the photos all schools should submit the saved photographs to KNEC offices through their D.E.O’s in CD’s (each photo should be matched with the index numbers not names, in JPG format).

Uploading of photos
Transfer candidates’ photo onto a computer
rename / save the photos with the candidate index number 
(no photo should be saved with the candidates’ names)
create a folder named your center code
copy all the candidates photos onto that folder
zip/compress the folder
a. right click the folder with Photos
b. select Send to
c. Click on Compressed (zipped) folder
Log on back to KNEC website (www.knec-registration.ac.ke/kcse)
Click upload button candidate photos
Enter your username and password
From the TASKS drop down list, select Upload Candidates Photos and click Continue
Browse to the compressed photos folder, and click upload
If successfully uploaded, a message will show on the application.
If you need further help with registration, please visit http://evisionmicrosystems.com/evm/index.php/registration.html


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