KCSE Results 2011 Live

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Gskool is giving you live updates as the minister of education announces the results today,  28/02/2011.
This is the Link to obtain the results.
The results shall be available after the minister announces them...
12.20pm: KNEC website responding too slow...

12.17 pm:
But wait a bit we check of the knec website responds
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1          WANDUI ALBERT KAMAU                87.10357  MOI HIGH SCH KABARAK

2          MARUBE MACHUKA ALLAN            87.08986  ALLIANCE HIGH SCH

3          GETEGA OBINCHU JOSHUA            87.08900  MARANDA HIGH SCH

4          MUTUA BRIAN MULU                        87.04914  ALLIANCE HIGH SCH

5         MWANGASHA KATINI LYDIA            87.04229  THE KENYA HIGH SCH


7          OCHIENG FELIX OGOLA                 87.02657  KANGA HIGH SCH

8          OPERE LESLEY OWUOR                  87.02257  ALLIANCE HIGH SCH

9          MONG'ARE NEWNEX BRIAN           87.00814  MOI HIGH SCH KABARAK

10         MACHARIA IVY MUTHONI               86.99257  THE KENYA HIGH SCH

Worth noting is the missing of names of some academic giants in the top 10 list.

12.04 pm Minister reading on schools performance. We shall give you a full list in a moment.

12.03 pm
Top 20 Schools in Kenya

  1. Alliance High School
  2. Precious Blood Secondary School Riruta
  3. Bahati Girls Secondary School 
  4. Maranda High School
  5. Alliance Girls High School
  6. Moi High School Kabarak
  7. Moi Girls High School Eldoret
  8. The Kenya High School
  9. Starehe Girls Centre School
  10. Strathmore School
  11. Starehe Boys Centre & School
  12. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed al-Nayhan
  13. Kianda School
  14. Maasai High School
  15. Mangu High School
  16. Sacho High School
  17. Mary Mother of Grace Boys
  18. Pangani Girls School
  19. Loreto High School Limuru
  20. Moi Tea Girls Secondary School

11.55 am: Nyanza Province no girls in top 10.   :(
                   North Eastern Province no girls in top 10.   :(

11.54 am: Minister announcing results for respective students..

11.36 am: Minister warns against enganging student repeaters (boosters) to raise schools' performance index.

11.34 am: Minister cites that the irregularities perpetrators did not yield a lot..

11.31 am There is a drop in students caught with exam irregularities.

11.30 am: Minister praises himself for the checks he made to improve performance in Maths and Sciences

11.26 am: 14 subjects improved in performance.

11.24 am: Minister says there is general improvement in kcse compared to last year. Students with over this year are C+ 97,134

11.22 am: Minister urges teachers to refrain from mulpractises and act as parents/role models to students.

11.20 am: The minister cites that there is some gender diperity in some provinces

11.00 am: Minister Announcing results

10.18am: Still waiting

10.00 am: Waiting for the ministers addressing...

9.44 am : At the moment, the minister is expected to arrive and address the country starting 10.00 am.

As we congratulate those who pass well in the examination, we wish to let our stand be known, that academic success is not all. Everyone has a talent which can be utilized well to make a better lifesyle.


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