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For Laughs: KCSE Leakage 2015, History Paper 1

Q1. State six features of Bungoma wheelbarow. (12 mks)
Q2. Differentiate between Mugo wa Wairimu and Mgomo wa walimu. (4mks)
Q3. Calculate the cost of constructing 10 gates in Nyamira County if the construction of one gate costs sh. 7 Million. V.A.T = 22% if teachers got thaeir pay.
Q4. Describe how the importation of cheap sugar would lead to decline of demand of Brookside milk.
Q5. Explain how ‘Maendeleo Chap Chap’ would lead to shadding tears. State the density of tears compared to water.
Q6. When Obama was coming to Kenya on July, Kidero planted Genetically Modified Grass (GMG) in Nairobi City. Calculate the probability that Kidero will plant Crosses in Nairobi city when Pope Francis visits Kenya (20mks).
Q7. If stopping Kenya Airways flights to west Africa due to Ebola out break can lead to a loss of 20Billion. Calculate the Profit that Kenya Airways would get if flights to Somali are scheduled. (Government grant to K.Q =4Billion)
Q8. Compare and Contrast the characteristics of KNUT chairman and those of KUPPET chairman. (10mks)
Q9. Explain the hashtag #KenyaOnTopOfTheWorld . (7mks)
Q10. Give three CORE characteristics of a calculator-generation student. (6mks)

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